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Identities: Intersectionality & Anti-Oppression

Kimberlé Crenshawe coined the term ‘intersectionality’ in 1989 from a Black feminist legal and sociological standpoint and the term has gained momentum, now broadly referring to the intersection of multiple aspects of social and individual identities. It also signifies the patterns of oppression that each of these identities carries. Examples of such identities include race, gender, class, ability, sexuality, age, skin colour, ethnicity, and culture. In this workshop we will delve into definitions of intersectionality and its origins, as well as related vocabulary such as systemic oppression, interpellation, multiple marginalized identities, intersectional systemic oppression, etc. All of this in an effort to understand how viewing the world with an intersectional lens adds nuance and depth to our understanding of interpersonal relationships and larger political and social systems.

The theory-in-practice of intersectionality gives us the space and vocabulary to embrace our differences while forging strong communities of marginalized and privileged peoples dedicated to combatting systemic oppression from all of our nuanced identities.

Pre-requisite: Social Justice 101: Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Inclusive Education and Programming
  Identities: Intersectionality & Anti-Oppression  
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Tracy Garrick

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